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Corazon del Bosque BirdWatching

Birding Guatemala

El Corazon del Bosque Pink-headed Warbler Birding Guatemala, Located on the way to Xela by the panamerican highway, one hour away from Panajachel the main touristic center, these is a samll forest of oak, pine, cipres, pinabete, is a samll patch but hide the most facinating birds the most wanted bird here is the famous Pink-headed Warbler Chipe Rosado is a local endemic regional found only in a small region in chiapas Mx and Guatemala. the main places where you can see the pink headed warbler is Tecpan Ricon Suizo and Corazon del Bosque is all year around, when the migration arrive he like to join that flock of birds surrounding the forest with Red Face Warbler, Olive Warbler, and many good birds the special here as well is the Yellow-eyed Junco is a very particular for these region.

Birding corazon
Yellow-eyed junco at corazon del bosque Guatemala

Wich is found from Tucson, Arizona south of Mexico and a little population in Chiapas and Guatemala.

The top target bird here is the Pink-headed Warbler, in most of our tour we have seen it is easy to find if your birding guide know the behavior of the bird and the main perch. Is a endemic regional too only found in Chiapas and Guatemala

Birding Guatemala
Pink-headed Warbler Guatemala Birding at its Best!

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